2520 Automatic Tank Gauge
for High Pressure Applications

The 2520 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is a float & tape instrument designed to provide continuous liquid level measurement in high pressure bulk storage applications.

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2520 ATG

Continuous measurement
up to 0.2” (4 mm) accuracy


Rated to 150, 220 or 300 PSI (10.3, 15 and 20.6 Bar) gage pressures.


Magnetic mounting for optional transmitters or limit switches


Built for durability
with low maintenance

Meets API and is ATEX approved

Meets API Standards

The 2520 ATG meets API Chapter 3.1B regulations for inventory control applications with a measurement accuracy of 0.2” (4 mm). It's also built in the USA to 3rd-party quality assurance standards, and is ATEX approved* for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Easy-to-Read Display

Just like its companion, the 2500 ATG, the measured level is displayed using a dial and counter built into the gaugehead. Varec pioneered the technology over 80 years ago and it has proven itself ever since, probably due to it's simplicity and reliability - just ask anyone in the industry.

Easy to read
Tank Installation

On Your Tank

Select the installation kit suitable for your bulk liquid storage tank. Varec also recommends the use of a Rubber Plug Gate Valve that permits the user to seal off the tank working pressure from the gaugehead and tape piping system for routine inspection and maintenance.

Data in the Control Room

If electronic transmission of level data or temperature measurement integration is required in the control room, then the gauge can be fitted with an optional adapter and tank gauging transmitter. Varec's new 2920 FTT offers tank side viewing and configuration using a touch screen display.

Float and Tape Tank Gauge Transmitter
FuelsManager Workstation

Performance Floats

The 2520 ATG is provided with a standard 8" (203 mm) diameter multi‐sphere 316 stainless steel float. In order to ensure the highest possible measurement accuracy, the specific gravity of the product being measured is required to properly adjust the weight of the float.

Supported Worldwide

The 2520 ATG, its accessories, and it's spare parts are available to ship today. Every part is supplied with detailed user instructions. If you need direct support, we offer standard training and service programs that we tailor to your staff, and your facility.

Technical Specifications

Product Gravity Range 0.7 to 1.9 g/cc (700‐1900 kg/m³) specific gravity
Service Rating Rated to 150, 220 or 300 PSI (10.3, 15 and 20.6 Bar) gage pressures.
Measuring Range Standard 0 – 60 ft (18 m)
Ambient Temperature Range ‐30 °F to +160 °F (‐34 °C to +71 °C)
*Approvals IP66 ‐ All Models (optional)
150 and 220 PSI (15 Bar) Gauge versions conform to ATEX, Class I, Zone 2 (Ex II 2G T5).

For complete technical specifications, download the technical document or product manual.

Order Codes

The following options are available for this product.

  • English
  • Metric
  • 150 PSIG (10.3 Bar)
  • 220 PSIG (15 Bar)
  • 300 PSIG (20.6 Bar)
  • 16 ft. Diameter or sphere or cylinder Tanks
  • 48 ft. Diameter or sphere or cylinder Tanks
  • Top Mounting on sphere or cylinder Tanks
  • 60 ft. Diameter or sphere or cylinder Tanks
  • 11⁄2” (38 mm) 300PSI (20.6 Bar) Gage Plug valve (Viton ‐A plug)
  • 2581 Transmitter Adapter (Oil Tight)

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