4539 Average Temperature Sensor, Converter & Water Bottom Probe

The 4539 ATC provides a single, intrinsically safe solution for average temperature and water bottom (interface) measurement. Choose the modules you need - temperature probe, water bottom sensor, converter - or combine them together into a single new instrument.

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4532 ATS

Up to 16 platinum sensing elements provide ±0.15 °C (±0.27 °F) accuracy


Built to withstand oil and gas applications with FM/ATEX approvals


Connects to tank gauge systems using HART multi drop (2‐wire)


Install and forget - stainless steel probe is sealed and rated to IP68

Meets API and is ATEX approved

Meets API Standards

The 4539 ATC is installed vertically onto spheres, bullets, cone, dome or floating roof tanks. Measurements are based on API (American Petroleum Institute) Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standard, Chapter 7. It is ideal for high accuracy or custody transfer applications.

Liquid and Vapor Profiles

The 4539 ATC can contain up to 16 temperature elements. A continuous measurement profile of average liquid and/or average vapor temperature throughout the tank is available by reading the position and temperature of each element.

Easy to read
Meets API and is ATEX approved

Water Bottom Sensor

The 4539 ATC can determine the interface between water and petroleum products in the bottom 3 or 6 ft (1 or 2 m) of a tank. Temperature (Pt 100) elements can be set inside of the water bottom sensor so that water bottom functionality does not affect overall temperature measurement.

Tank Gauging System

Power and local HART communications are provided over a 2-wire, intrinsically safe (i.s.) connection from compatible instruments, such as the Varec 6005 Servo Tank Gauge (STG), 4560 Servo Gauge Monitor (SGM) or the 4590 Tank Side Monitor (TSM).

Float and Tape Tank Gauge Transmitter

Technical Specifications

Elements/Probe Converter Compatibility: Pt100, Cu100, Cu90, PtCu100, JPt100 (maximum 16 elements)
With probe: up to 16 Platinum (Pt. 100), Class A elements per IEC PUB 751 1995
Accuracy Temperature Accuracy: ±0.15 °C (±0.27 °F), or better conversion accuracy based on IEC 60751 class A standard
Water Bottom: 4mm (±2mm) or better accuracy (at reference condition)
Measuring Range Temperature probe:
‐40...+100 °C (‐40...+212 °F), ‐55...+235 °C (‐67...+455 °F), -170... +60 °C (‐328...+158 °F)
Water bottom probe: 0 to +100 °C (‐32 to +212 °F)
Power & Communications DC16‐30V input (DC24V ±10% is supplied by the HOST i.s. HART communication line for standard applications.)
The 4532 ATC consumes an average fixed current of 6 to 12 mA depending on configuration.
Approvals Factory Mutual (FM) ‐ Intrinsically Safe ‐ Class I, Division 1, Groups C/D
Contact Varec for ATEX and IECEx approved devices.
Housing: rated IP65 (open housing: IP20)
Probe: rated IP68

For complete technical specifications, download the technical document or product manual.

Order Codes

The following options are available for this product.

  • FM ‐ Intrinsically Safe ‐ Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D
  • Contact Varec for ATEX and IECEx approved devices
  • Converter
  • Temperature and Converter
  • Water Bottom and Converter
  • Temperature, Water Bottom and Converter
  • ‐40...+100 °C (‐40...+212 °F)
  • ‐55...+235 °C (‐67...+455 °F)
  • ‐170... +60 °C (‐328...+158 °F)
  • None
  • 1 m (3.3 ft)
  • 2 m (6.6 ft)
  • Thread NPT 1/2
  • Thread M20
  • Flange JIS 10K 50A RF, Stainless steel 316
  • Flange ANSI 2" 150lbs RF, Stainless steel 316
  • Flange DIN DN50 PN10 RF, Stainless steel 316
  • Flange JPI 2" 150lbs RF, Stainless steel 316
  • Universal coupling, PF(NPS)3/4, (converter only)
  • Thread M20 (converter only)
  • 2...Pt100 elements
  • 3...Pt100 elements
  • 4...Pt100 elements
  • 5...Pt100 elements
  • 6...Pt100 elements
  • 7...Pt100 elements
  • 8...Pt100 elements
  • 9...Pt100 elements
  • 10...Pt100 elements
  • 11...Pt100 elements
  • 12...Pt100 elements
  • 13...Pt100 elements
  • 14...Pt100 elements
  • 15...Pt100 elements
  • 16...Pt100 elements
  • 2m (2000mm or 79")
  • 1.5m (1500mm or 59")
  • 1m (1000mm or 39")
  • Custom element position & spacing
  • 3m (3000mm or 118")
  • Probe length 3 ft to 131ft below flange to edge of probe
  • probe length
  • probe length, gas‐tight feed through
  • Anchor weight 7.09" tall, diameter 4.72" (180mm tall, diameter 120mm)
  • Anchor weight - Low profile to be laid on bottom of tank Length 39.37" (1000mm); Diameter 1.61" (41mm)
  • Tensioning wire + top anchor
  • Tensioning wire, wire hook, R1 top anchor

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