8300 TankGate Interface

The 8300 series TankGate Interface (TGI) provides data acquisition for tank farm, pipeline or refinery applications. It collects and transmits data from multiple storage tanks to a central system using a single tank gauge interface. All information obtained can be used for inventory, alarm, control and automation.

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8300 TGI

Unparalleled capabilities from modular hardware/software architecture in one box


Reduces the amount of interface devices required at tank farms, terminals and refineries


Connects to various manufacturers’ instruments through industry standard protocols


ViewRTU software tool for remote configuration, programming and reporting

Meets API and is ATEX approved

Tank Gauge Integration

Through the use of a plug-in interface module, the 8300 TGI can receive various types of measured data from tank gauging instruments, such as level, temperature, density, water level or alarms. With ten modules available, it is possible to integrate float & tape transmitters, HTG, servo, magnetostrictive or radar gauges using a single device.

Host Communications

The 8300 TGI combines with FuelsManager® to provide an extremely cost efficient and reliable tank inventory system that is compatible with a variety of other host systems through the industry standard MODBUS protocol.

Tank Installation

Configuration and Support

Remote programming can be accomplished from the host or locally using a PC with the Windows based configuration program, ViewRTU. This tool simplifies configuration and diagnostics, allowing uploading of final equipment configurations. Reports can also be generated via a built-in function to assist in documentation.

Simple Installation

The 8300 TGI's IP66 rated aluminum enclosure allows it to be installed in a variety of industrial environments. It can also be supplied with an optional NEMA 4 enclosure for additional protection.

Float and Tape Tank Gauge Transmitter

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Consumption: 50 VA max. @ 110/220 VAC (500 mA)
Surge Protection
Host Communications 2 Ports
RS-232C and RS-232/RS-485
9600 Baud Rate
MODBUS™ and E+H RTU protocol
RTU mode, master and slave

Ambient Temperature Range ‐40 °F to +158 °F (‐40 °C to +70 °C)

For complete technical specifications, download the technical document or product manual.

Order Codes

The following options are available for this product.

  • Dual RS‐485 MODBUS™
  • Dual RS‐485 GSI ASCII
  • Varec Mark/Space Micro 4‐wire (Varec 1800, 1900, 6500)
  • Current Loop (Whessoe Bus)
  • Current Loop (GPE)
  • SAAB (TRL/2)
  • Enraf (811, 802/812, 854, 873)
  • L&J Tankway (MCG 1000, MCG 1500, MCG 2000)
  • Prime Measurement (3500 ATG)
  • Dual RS‐232 Veeder Root (TLS 350)
  • No Enclosure
  • 16x16x6 inch NEMA 4 enclosure
  • No DC Power Supply
  • 120VAC input, 48VDC, 1 Amp Power Supply
  • 240VAC input, 48VDC, 1 Amp Power Supply
  • 120VAC input, 24VDC, 1 Amp Power Supply
  • 240VAC input, 24VDC , 1 Amp Power Supply

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