Radar Tank Gauges

for High Accuracy Applications

The 7500 Series of Radar Tank Gauges (RTG) is used for continuous, non-contact level measurement in bulk liquid storage tanks.

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7533 RTG

Continuous measurement
better than ±1 mm (0.04") accuracy


Non-contact measurement for a wide variety of liquid storage tanks


Integrated into a tank gauging system using the 4590 Tank Side Monitor


Low maintenance requirements

Meets API and is ATEX approved

Accuracy Approved for Custody Transfer

7500 RTGs use C (6 GHz) band microwaves to measure liquids to an accuracy of ±1 mm (0.04") or better. Each gauge is NMI and PTB approved for use in custody transfer tank gauging systems.

Antenna for Your Applications

Our applications engineers can help you select the most appropriate gauge and antenna combination based on the accuracy you require, tank height, liquid temperature and tank pressure.

The 7530 RTG with horn antenna is suitable for free space applications that disallow the use of a parabolic antenna due to tank/nozzle geometry. It is essential that the horn extends below the nozzle. A larger aperture antenna generates a narrower beam and has a better gain (signal to noise (S/N) ratio). Therefore, the general rule for diameter selection is "the larger, the better".

7530 RTG

Optimum performance for free space applications

The 7532 RTG with planar antenna is specifically suited for stilling well applications with ranges up to 38 m (124 ft). The emitted circular mode radar pattern is a must for high accuracy applications on stilling wells. This special mode allows the software to compensate for variations of the inside diameter of the stilling well and layering of adhering product. The diameter of the antenna itself fits in 6” (DN150) stilling wells directly. Cone adapters allow installation on larger diameter stilling wells. A good match between well and adapter is essential. The Varec planar antenna with pulsed radar technology allows direct installation, even on tapered stilling wells – a unique feature.

7532 RTG

All-around performance for free space measurement

The 7533 RTG with parabolic antenna is excellently suited for free space applications up to 40 m (131 ft). The parabolic antenna is the largest free space antenna with the smallest beam angle. It is ideal for applications close to tank walls, where a manway cover is available. The parabolic antenna is also an excellent choice on products with a low reflectivity, such as asphalts and bitumens.

7533 RTG

Chemical resistant with flush mounting for aggressive media

Tank Installation

Touch Screen Operations

Easy onsite operation using built-in touch control display without having to open the enclosure. A remote display is also available so that you can read and operate the gauge from the tank side.

Low Cost Wiring

Intrinsically safe 4-wire technology reduces on-tank wiring costs and allows easy implementation into existing systems.

Radar Tank Gauging 4-wire Installation
International Approvals

Worldwide Approvals

Each radar gauge is approved for use in explosion hazardous areas to ATEX, FM and CSA standards.

Radar for Inventory Control Applications

Varec offers a series of Radar Tank Gauges with ±2 mm to ±6 mm accuracy for stock management and inventory control applications.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Measured Error Free space applications to ±0.5 mm or stilling well applications to ±0.8mm
Power Consumption Max. 330 mW at 16 V, Max. 500 mW at 24 V, Max. 600 mW at 30 V
Current Consumption Max. 21 mA (50 mA in rush current)
Ambient Temperature Range ‐40 °F to +185 °F (‐40 °C and +85 °C)
Approvals This product conforms to all applicable industry standards and approvals, such as climate class, electromagnetic (EMC), vibration, and radio frequency (RF). See product installation manual.
Antenna: IP 68 (NEMA 6P)
Housing: IP 65, NEMA 4X
Factory Mutual ‐ IS Class I,II,III, Div 1 Groups A‐G T* Class 1, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T*
DIP Class II,III, Div 1 Groups E,F,G T* NI Class I, Div 2 Groups A‐D T*
XP‐IS Class 1, Div. 1 Groups A‐D T*
XP Class 1, Zone 0, IIC T*
Antenna Class 1, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC T*
CSA ‐ ExnC IIC Class 1 Zone 2, Exd [ia] IIC Zone 1/0, Ex ia IIC Class 1 Zone 0
ATEX ‐ ATEX II 2 (1) G Resp. II 2 G, EEx ia IIC T6, EEx em [ia] IIC T6, EExd [ia] IIC T6

For complete technical specifications, download the technical document or product manual.

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