Hybrid Tank Gauging

Varec's primary hybrid tank gauging solution consists of a level instrument (tank gauge), a temperature sensor and HART® pressure sensor(s) integrated into the 4590 TSM. The level gauge selected depends on the product application at hand. In the case of light distillates, Varec would recommend a 6000 STG first, followed by a 7200 RTG (or 7500 RTG), combined with a 4532 ATC (or 4539 ATC) based on the requirement for inventory management (or custody transfer, NMi approved) applications. The 4590 TSM is able to provide hybrid calculations at the tank side and transfer of data to the control room.

Alternatively, FuelsManager can replace the tank side device to perform hybrid calculations. In this solution, either a servo gauging system (6000 STG, 453x ATC and pressure device) , or a radar gauging system (7200 RTG, 7500 RTG, 453x ATC, 4590 TSM and pressure device) can be used to supply the required measurement data.

Radar Tank Gauge

FMR Series RTG
Radar tank gauges for inventory control applications with accuracy from ±2-6 mm

7500 Radar Tank Gauge

7500 Series RTG
Radar tank gauges for high accuracy and custody transfer applications with accuracy of ±1 mm

6005 Servo tank Gauge

6005 STG
High accuracy tank gauge for level, interface, density and density profiling measurement

4590 Tank Side Monitor

4590 TSM
Tank side monitor and integration device for radar tank gauging

4532 Average Temperature Converter

4532 ATC
Intrinsically safe average temperature sensor (2-6 sensors) and/or converter

4539 Average Temperature Converter

4539 ATC
Intrinsically safe average temperature sensor (2-16 sensors), converter and/or water bottom sensor

Principle of Meaurement

Hybrid tank gauging combines an accurate level gauge, temperature sensor(s) and pressure transmitter(s). By utilizing the best of both level based and mass based systems, hybrid tank gauging obtains level, temperature compensated volumes, mass and density measurements.

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