Radar Tank Gauging Solutions

Varec provide radar tank gauging solutions for inventory control and high accuracy applications. Radar devices provide non-contact measurement with high reliability and low maintenance.

Varec's Radar Tank Gauges are suitable for most bulk storage tank applications to provide inventory management level (+/- 2-6 mm) measurement accuracy or NMi approved high accuracy (+/- 1 mm) respectfully. A 4590 TSM is required to integrate a temperature device. A 4532 ATC, 4539 ATC, 3-wire RTD or 4-wire RTD can be selected for temperature measurement suitable for inventory management applications. The 4590 TSM also provides power to the radar tank gauge and additional functionality, such as I/O, tank calculations, pressure (HART®) sensor integration and the appropriate field communications protocols for data transfer to the control room system.

Radar Tank Gauge

FMR Series RTG
Radar tank gauges for inventory control applications with accuracy from ±2-6 mm

7500 Radar Tank Gauge

7500 Series RTG
Radar tank gauges for high accuracy and custody transfer applications with accuracy of ±1 mm

4590 Tank Side Monitor

4590 TSM
Tank side monitor and integration device for radar tank gauging

4532 Average Temperature Converter

4532 ATC
Intrinsically safe average temperature sensor (2-6 sensors) and/or converter

4539 Average Temperature Converter

4539 ATC
Intrinsically safe average temperature sensor (2-16 sensors), converter and/or water bottom sensor

Principle of Measurement

Radar tank gauges are "downward-looking" measuring system installed on the tank roof. Operating on the time-of-flight method, they measure the distance from the reference point (process connection) to the product surface. Radar impulses (FMCW principle) are emitted by an antenna, reflected off the product surface and received again by the radar system. The distance to the product surface is proportional to the travel time of the impulse. Due to the nature of the microwave, radar tank gauges need to be equipped with functions to suppress interference echoes (e.g. from edges and weld seams) in the tank so they are not interpreted as level measurement. Radar technology is suitable for measuring a wide range of petroleum products.

Process Conditions

Radar gauge measurement is independent of the process conditions inside the tank. Temperature, pressure and gas vapors have minimal affect on "radar beams". The dielectric constant of the liquid being measured is a critical factor when considering a radar tank gauging solution.

Radar Antennae

It is essential for specific application and installation requirements to be evaluated and the correct antenna type selected. The Varec range of radar antenna include:

  • Horn and Parabolic antennae - suited for free space applications
  • Planar antenna - specifically suited for stilling well applications
  • Small horn antenna - suitable for installation on existing tank fittings

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